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        Do you want  to keep your home or office up to date with modern tochnology?  JCS is a one stop shop to keep you up to date with the high tech world. If you want to add cameras, speakers, home theater systems, home networking or anything IT (Informaton Technology), JCS is just a phone call away from making all your dreams come true. Updating your space into the 21st century is now more affordable and within your reach. JCS offers a wide range of packages that can be catered to your budget. 

         Do you want to add speakers throughout your house? In your bathroom, kitchen, or outside patio? Now is the time to make it happen. With a wide range of packages to choose from, JCS offers cost effective  ways of making this dream a reality. Starting with basic in wall volume controls all the way to custom in wall digital touch paneles. Whatever you invision, we'll make it happen.
        Hate seeing those ugly wires hanging from your tv? How about those bulky cable boxes and DVD players that make your beautiful flat screen look cluttered. You now have the option to hide those componenents in a closet or cabinet. We can hang your TV, hide your componenets, install custom universal remotes, and more. 
        Do you plug several components into your TV? Do you find it troublesome pulling your TV in and out to add components and devices? You now have the option to add spare ports in the wall below your tv or anywhere in the wall where you desire. This allows you to plug your component in quick and easy without having to dismout your TV.
         Would you like to ensure the safety of your home, office, or resturant at all times? Surveillance packages are availabe on any budget. You can install 1 camera all the way up to 20 cameras. We can stratigically place them so you have optimal viewing of your property right on your tablet, phone, and TV. Setting motion alarms will notifiy you instantly on your phone when someone's on your property. You can customize alarm controls set motion detection and have24 hour viewing. You can even create closed curcuit viewing on TV's in your home or workplace so you can always feel at ease. Feel free to call and inquire about your custome package.
Home Theater
          More and more people today are installing Home Theater systems in their homes. Why go to the movies when you can bring the movie theater straight to you! Imagine installing a 120" screen TV right in your basement where friends and family can view movies, watch TV, surf the internet, or play video games. With full surround sound
audio, you will feel like you are right there in the action. Picture on game day get, you'll have front row seates to any team you desire.  From the actual construction of the room to hooking up the entire system, JCS is a one stop shop for making your Home Theater dreams come true.
Smart Home
         Making your home a smart home is now within your reach. Be able to turn you lights on and off voice or use an app on your phone. You can be in total control and have full access to your house any time with a smart device.  Open the garage, unlock your door or even put your alarm on.  we can set your home up how ever you desire. 
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